3 Steps To A Less Stressed You

Life can feel totally overwhelming and leave you feeling stressed sometimes, can’t it? I find this especially true in January when the Christmas sparkle has gone and all that’s left is cold days, dark nights and mounting pressure to ‘better yourself’. 

I’ve not set myself strict resolutions this year as I don’t want to set myself up for negativity if I don’t achieve my goals. Instead, I’ve challenged myself to adopt good habits, and given a stressful month I can definitely tell it’s made a difference. Yes, I’ve still let life get on top of me. Yes, I’ve had a good cry in the bath with a gin more than once – but isn’t letting it out a good habit after all?


When I’m stressed and I go onto social media it tends to make things a lot worse in my head. Whether it’s seeing bigots commenting on news articles on Facebook or people arguing over the latest blogger drama, it just tends to wind me up further. Tuning out the world is incredibly soothing for my mental health when things feel a bit much. Switching off my phone earlier, leaving it on do not disturb or turning off notifications are all brilliant for this.


Nine times out of ten the reason I feel stressed is I’m simply doing too much. As soon as I realise this is happening I take the first opportunity to write a to-do list and prioritise it. Once I see everything down on paper I calm down because I realise I’ve actually got plenty of time to get everything done!

Regular yoga practice has definitely helped me slow down. Now, when I feel like I need half an hour to completely relax and let go of any stress-related tension I roll out my mat as soon as I physically can.


You can treat yourself by spending very little money if any at all. Indulge in a bath with mountains of bubbles if that’s your jam. Burrow your way under a load of blankets and get lost in your favourite book or film. Get out for a walk, or lounge around in your sweats all day. Just do what feels right for you, especially if that thing is doing nothing at all.

Me personally? I like to buy myself a bunch of flowers or make whatever comfort food I’m craving at the time. Boo to January diets – if I feel rubbish and want a pizza I’m damn well gonna have a pizza. One indulgent meal isn’t going to ruin my life!

What helps you wind down when you feel stressed?

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