21 Things I’m Grateful For…


The past few weeks have been a bit rubbish haven’t they? In fact, the whole of 2016 has felt a little bit like a slow motion car crash. Yet, my Twitter feed has been full of thoroughly overwhelming positivity over the last few days as people have expressed the things they are grateful for. It’s made me so incredibly happy and so I want to share the things that I’m grateful for today.

Today I’m Grateful For…

Cosy jumpers and dressing gowns.

Snuggling in bed on a rainy weekend morning.

Music that makes you want to dance around the kitchen in your pants.

Friends and family I can always count on.

Fantastic work colleagues.

The sheer hilarity of watching Ed Balls dancing to Gangnam Style.

The smell of baking taking over the whole house.

My health, and that of my loved ones.

David Attenborough and the return of Planet Earth II.

Goodnight kisses.

The beautiful guys and gals I’ve met through blogging.

Central heating.

Shopping trips and coffee with my grandma.

Seeing dogs in the street. Especially sausage dogs.

Bra-free and pyjama days.

Skype, so I can keep in touch with my loves all over the country (and world!)

My wonderful other half.

Unexpected things in the post that aren’t bills.

A house full of plants.

Thick gravy on a roast dinner.

New shoes and new lipstick.

Make sure to head to Twitter and read through the #TodayImGrateful hashtag, started by the lovely Katie Brennan. And make sure to head to the lovely Katy’s blog where she did a huge post compiling 150 good things that happened this week!

What are you grateful for?


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  • This is so lovely! I agree with your feelings about 2016. Somehow this year has just felt so rubbish. I think it´s good that the internet takes this to the positive side. I´m definitely grateful for my family as well! & for Netflix!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    • Yes definitely grateful for Netflix too! :) xx

  • I’ve really been enjoying going through the #TodayImGrateful hashtag! This was a lovely read, definitely with you on watching Ed Balls on Strictly (and that is something I never thought I’d say!) xx


    • Oh my god, I’m so gutted he’s not in it anymore! The hashtag has been fantastic though, and I’m glad to see it cropping up regularly :) xx