2018: The Year of Good Habits

2018: The Year of Good Habits

At the beginning of 2017, I was struggling. I had recently been made redundant and had no idea what direction my life was about to take. I decided not to make new year’s resolutions, and instead set myself the aim of finding stability.

Looking back on the year, I’m very proud of myself. I got that new job, saved like a trooper and in August was financially stable enough to move into a flat with Ali. We’ve created our own nest and had the most fantastic time doing so. I cut a lot of toxicity from my life, began to say no and put myself first. Being kinder to myself was a big factor of 2017, which has led to me being very content with where I am today.

2018 is already shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year. I’ve got lots of big family birthdays, holidays and my best friend’s wedding. Again, I’m not going to set myself rigid goals for the year (except passing my driving test!), but I have one new year’s resolution:


In 2017 I became kinder to myself, but in 2018 I want this to be ingrained in my daily routine. My office is just 10 minutes walk away from home, so I’ve fallen into the terrible habit of rolling out of bed last minute. This year I want to get up at a set time each morning and have more of a routine. I want to put that excess time in the morning to use and not waste it anymore.

I’m going to take more time offline and away from the internet. I’m going to read more, and plan to ban screens after 10 p.m. And I’m going to make sure I’m better at sticking to my skincare routine and make sure to cleanse even if I haven’t worn make up that day.

Moving more is another big aim when adopting good habits. I could use the extra time in the morning to practice yoga or get an early morning workout it. To help move more (and save money) I’m going to walk home for lunch if I haven’t taken anything in. It will help get those extra steps in, and means I won’t spend money on rubbish when I’m in town!

Here’s to 2018, to being kinder to ourselves and adopting good habits.

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