2015 Aspirations: 6 Month Check Up

If you were around at the start of the year, you might remember the post I wrote on what I wanted 2015 to bring me. Coming into June I thought I’d do a little 6 month check in and see how things are going for me.

1. GET MORE HEALTHY – well, this one goes in waves. I do try my best, but it does kind of depend on how much I’m working. If I have lots of late nights as I have done recently it’s quite hard to get in and cook a full blown healthy meal, but I’m doing much better than this time last year! And when I do get food at work it tends to be leaning towards healthier stuff – even vegetarian meals sometimes, which is something I never thought I’d be doing!

2. GET A JOB – this one, I am trying, I really am. Hopefully I’ll catch a break soon… Anyone hiring?

3. LEARN TO DRIVE – I’m moving home to mummy and daddy within the month, first thing on the list is booking a set of driving lessons! So I’m finally getting round to it!

4. STAY IN LOVE WITH BLOGGING – success! I have definitely done this, and I’ve found the fact that work has got in my way highly irritating. I’ve wanted to post a lot more than I have, but moving home to become unemployed I’m sure there’s loads more posts coming.

5. GET MY TATTOO – again, very soon. I’ve been doing doodles and adaptations of what I want done. I’m unsure whether I still want it on my foot now I’ve developed the design, but I will cover this when I blog it and I get it!

6. BE LESS STRESSED – hahahahaha, I have absolutely not achieved this. Work has been sooo stressful, but outside work I’ve been hella chill!

7. SAVE MONEY – definitely been trying to save, sadly a few surprise bills and change in jobs have made it harder than expected, but I’ve saved as many pennies as I could.

8. CONTINUE TO LOVE WRITING – again, definitely still doing, and hopefully soon I’ll have more time to do it!

I thought this check up would make me feel much worse about my achievements in all honesty, but I’m feeling positive. I know I’m doing what I need to do, and whilst I’ve not got there with some things I am prioritising the important things! Here’s to the next 6 months, and getting some of these things ticked off the list! 

What have you achieved so far this year?
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