18 Glasses Problems!

18 Glasses Problems!
Many of you will know I’m a spectacled being. When I first started university, and especially when I first started blogging I hardly wore them, favouring my contact lenses. Over the last eight or nine months I’ve favoured my glasses a lot more. Working in an environment where I use a computer all day it’s been much easier on my eyes to wear my glasses more as they have an anti-glare coating specifically designed to make use of computers and screens easier on the eyes. I’ve lost the complex I’d developed about wearing glasses, and I love them more than ever since getting my most recent pair – but being a full time wearer comes with tonnes of problems…

They will forever be covered in make up.

When I do have my contacts in I’m constantly trying to push my glasses back up my nose, but I just hit myself in the face.

3D films are a no-go if I haven’t prepared and put in contact lenses.

You will never be able to carry super teeny clutch bags because you can’t fit your glasses case in with everything else you need!

Some outfits genuinely just don’t suit glasses, and that’s really annoying.

Rain is an everyday battle.

Super cute prescription sunnies are super expensive – mamma can’t afford that with her sunglasses obsession!

You’ll wonder why you can’t see properly, only to realise your lenses are filthy.

You will never have be able to get them as clean as when you leave the opticians.

I have a very small head, so picking frames that don’t make me look ridiculous is hard.

On that note, picking frames when you can’t actually see your face is pretty impossible.

People will always ask to try on your glasses and then say ‘woah, you are so blind, how do you see?’

They will get tangled up in your hair on pretty much a daily basis.

It costs so damn much to be a glasses wearer – why do I pay so much for the privilege of being able to see??

Snapchat doesn’t recognise your face when you wear glasses so the fun filters always go weird – granted this can have hilarious consequences.

It’s always awkward if you forget where you put them down because you can’t see anything to find them. I genuinely once had to put contact lenses in because I lost my glasses that bad – turns out they were on the floor by my desk but as the frames were exactly the same colour as the carpet I literally couldn’t see them.

Going inside from the rain? Opened the dishwasher? Drinking a tea? Your glasses will steam up.

If you fall asleep wearing your glasses you’ll know about it – you’ll either wake up when they slice off your ear, or you’ll break them. Neither is a pleasant experience

Do you wear specs? Have I missed any problems off the list? Let me know in the comments below :)


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