10 Blog Posts I Loved In March

March blog posts

So another month has gone by pretty damn quickly, but it’s now the end of March and well and truly spring time! Despite not putting out tons of content myself this month, I’ve been reading a huge number of posts, and as usual, I’m here to share my favourites from the month. There’s health, life updates and more below…

Whilst things have been slightly quieter on KNEL during March, I’ve been tinkering in the background and have made a few changes. Let me know what you think of the new look! I’m going to be switching up my posting schedule from the start of April. Instead of posting every three days, it will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way you know when to expect new content, and it allows me to take the pressure off myself a little during weekends especially now I’m working full time again. Plus, now the clocks have changed it’s going to be much easier to take photos in the week!

But anyway on to my top ten for March…

The Story of a Story – The Escapologist’s Daughter

My Smear Test Experience and Aftermath – Sweet Allure

Do You Really Need Attention That Much? – Vix Meldrew

Five Good Beauty Habits – Lelore

The Reality of Being In Your Late Twenties – Sophie Cliff

Embracing Your Bikini Body; Why I’m Not Hiding My ‘Flaws’ – The Fashion Fictionary

Buying My First House: An Overview and Update – Grandiose Days

Online Shopping vs In Store? – Edition Emma Grace

I Am An Island – QueenBeady

Hey, It’s OK To Be Smalltime – That’s Peachy

Don’t forget to let me know what your favourite posts have been in March!



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