Exploring the hidden gems of Nottingham with Snizl

    Exploring the hidden gems of Nottingham with Snizl

    As a blogger, sometimes really exciting things drop into your inbox, and one of my most recent event invites was one of those things. The team behind Snizl invited myself and a bunch of local bloggers on a crawl around some of Nottingham’s hidden gems. I’ve lived in Nottingham for exactly a year now, but there’s still so much of the city I’m yet to explore, so of course I immediately said yes and got excited about spending the evening gabbing away over cake and cocktails. Read more…

    3 Things I’m Currently Learning

    Currently Learning Feb 2017

    At the start of the year I wrote a post about what I want from 2017. I discussed how I want to grow and do more, including learning new things. Just over a month down the line I’ve already managed to achieve one of my main goals of securing myself a new job (which I start today!)

    I’ve made sure to keep my promise to myself about learning new things, and the last six weeks have been full of learning new things! Read more…

    Saving Face with Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

    Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

    I’ve mentioned on more than several occasions that I have had fairly dehydrated skin for around about a year. The cold weather of course wasn’t helping this situation, and then the festive period came around. I spent a week in Wales with a whole bunch of Ali’s family, virtually none of my skincare and way, way, way too much food. Safe to say my skin was not happy with me! I decided to strip back my skincare routine to a few core elements to help get my skin back on track, especially as at the turn of the new year I was quite ill which made my skin even worse! Read more…